Architects are types of Immortal Beings who reside in the Good and Bad Place headquarters. An Architect is an occupation rather than a type of being, as Immortal Beings can be promoted to Architect (as Michael was). Architects design Good and Bad Place neighborhoods for humans to reside in. Mindy's neighborhood was designed by The Good Place before The Bad Place modified it.

Design Process Edit

When a human dies, their file is sent from the Accounting Department to The Bad Place or The Good Place. There, that human's neighborhood's architect must incorporate that human, among the other humans in that neighborhood, into the design. The Architect will then run the neighborhood by their boss, and if it is approved, they will be able to build it.

Building A Neighborhood Edit

Architects build their neighborhood with the help of that neighborhood's Janet, and then the Janet will typically welcome the residents. The Architects have full control over the building process, and the Janets cannot argue, even if they do not understand, as when Michael and Janet were building Neighborhood 12358W.

Post-Building Edit

Generally, an Architect (at least in The Bad Place) never even visits their neighborhood. In The Good Place, they might, although this is, as of yet, unknown. Michael is the first Bad Place Architect to ever reside in a neighborhood of that Architect's own creation, or even be present while there are humans in it. As Michael puts it, they "get the names, come up with the design, and move onto the next one. [Architects] never even get to be there–to see how fun it is!"

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