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Bambadjan is an Eternal being that resided in Neighborhood 12358W.


Bambadjan was one of the 318 torturers (demons) used by Michael in his "experiment". In Version 1, he posed as a rights activist and helped torture Eleanor. He was very important in the final stages of Version 1 where he pretended to help Eleanor find a way to stay out of the Bad Place, he told her that he found calling the other Eleanor Real Eleanor helpful. After Eleanor found out that they were in the bad place he rushed in and said that he found a way to save everyone from the Bad Place but was sent away by Eleanor. He was part of Shawn's team in The Selection, and he suggested Joseph Stalin for the experiment, but his idea was rejected.


  • In the official Podcast, Michael Schur revealed the reason the character shared the same name as the actor is due to him trying to make Bambadjan's character more unique.
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