Just chilling in me box Just chilling in me box 24 December 2020

Adopting The Good Place Wiki

Hi everyone! I’m Just chilling in me box! You can call me jcimb! I just finished the good place and I think its really good and liked it! This wiki could use some help, though, and that’s why I want to adopt it! I want to help improve discussions and get more users. I am open to any feedback so please add a comment, everyone is welcome to share their ideas!

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 3 December 2019

Wiki Manager introduction


My name is Lucas (Playsonic2) and I've recently been assigned here as a Wiki Manager from Fandom, from the TV/Movies team.

That means I'm available if anyone is in need of help (with editing, templates, among other things). If you have a question or want to discuss something, don't hesitate to reach out to me in my message wall.

As part of being here I also take a look around in case I can come up with any suggestions of things we all might be able to improve together. One of the things I can see is that there are articles that need some content, particularly our Main Characters, some of which are missing events from the last couple of seasons.

Anyone that reads this and feels up to the task of writing can go ahead and edit any pages! A …

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OnePieceNation OnePieceNation 8 October 2019

Far Fetched Theory about The Good Place

From the moment I started watching this series, I was hooked and waiting for the other show to drop. For I knew that the Good Place was not the Good Place. And guess what in this theory I will make my case for why the Good Place is not the Good Place. Wait before you stop reading, I know we learn at the end of season 1 that it is actually the bad place. But my theory is that it isn't the bad place, nor is it an intermediate place. It is a test. But not for whom you might think.

The show is told mostly from the Point of View of Eleanor Shellstrop and we are lead to believe the show is about Eleanor, Tahani, Jason and Chidi. I think the entire reason for the existence of the good place, the medium place, the bad place and everything else. Is…

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Virvar Virvar 14 September 2019



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Schroeswald Schroeswald 29 October 2018

The Good Place Rewatch 104 Jason Mendoza

Yay Jason, also not daily but whatever! Lets meet Jason in Jason Mendoza.

It must have been awful to watch 103-104 live, like no way you could wait for that. How was Jason able to not talk at all for like a week? And of course they are on a prank show (sort of). Heaven being racist is funny, how did Jason afford a jet ski? With Jason inventing body sprays how did he not come up with Double Trouble (see you wouldn't get that insightful comment if this came out on time). I feel like Jason made some rule drugs to sell to college kids to. I'd question how no one heard Eleanor telling Jason about her not belonging her but you know, they all knew. Jason is so happy to be at the bottom of the barrel. Why does Tahani have an orchid bath? What's the…

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Schroeswald Schroeswald 24 October 2018

The Good Place Rewatch 103 Tahani Al-Jamil

So I finally one that came the day after the other one! Now it is time to truly meet Tahani and see Jason in Tahani Al-Jamil.

First ethics lesson and it rules, short but sweet. I completely understand why Eleanor hates her, she is very annoying and I understand Eleanor, though her not wanting to be nice to Tahani is dumb. Janet messing up is so funny and very torturous. What is Jason doing when he meditates, probably internally watching Jaguars games (or sleeping), also Jianyu isn't even Chinese so Tahani you're racist. Tahani trying to make herself belong is a hint that its the bad place. Eleanor is attracted to Tahani. The plant whines when it dies. Tahani is cursed with an ample bosom, and Eleanor rightly sees that its not a curse. Congr…

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Schroeswald Schroeswald 23 October 2018

The Good Place Rewatch 102 Flying

So "daily" isn't exactly what you call this blog but whatevs, almost weekly is the same right? Anyway time to (not) fly in Flying as well as drink without any consequences.

Now what pornography would you like to see? is amazingly funny, how could Michael change Janet's clothes. Poor Gary, did he volunteer to be cubized? Why does Eleanor think she could vape ethics? I wish we saw Eleanor say anything about her. Eleanor has amazing resilience to eat the papers with all the names. Also bad thing for Eleanor that she didn't pick the person who did it on that day of DD. The ten demons who had to pick up garbage instead of flying were committed to their roles. How come Tahani didn't name drop anyone when talking about powerful people. Gunnar just…

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Schroeswald Schroeswald 13 October 2018

The Good Place Rewatch 101 Everything is Fine

So this a daily (I hope) rewatch of the Good Place, starting with Episode 1. This will be pretty regular just recording all my thoughts as I go through the episode before I go over it in the end.

So first thing I want to know is if Doug Forcett is real or just a fun story that Michael made up. Why are there 322 people in the Good Places? Frozen Yogurt, I missed that. Of course exiling good people who aren't the best people ever going to the Bad Place is just unfair. Are soulmates actually real in the Good Place? Eleanor looked at Jason when they're talking about soulmates. Chidi is the only main human we didn't see in that part. The show is just funny, I was going to put some funny lines in this but it would be too hard. I bet people would …

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Elhaniendgame Elhaniendgame 5 October 2018

Eleanor x Tahani: An In Depth Analysis


The Good Place has had many relationships. In season 1, Eleanor was in love with Chidi, Tahani was in love with Jason, and later Chidi, and Jason was in love with Janet. Those relationships were all confirmed by the show, but one "relationship" truly left viewers confused. Is Eleanor in love with Tahani?

Eleanor x Tahani, or Elhani, have been debated by viewers since Season 1. Eleanor is constantly talking about Tahani, in seasons 1, 2, and 3. Viewers have commented that she thinks that her attraction towards Tahani is hatred, when she is actually in love with her.

In Season 3 Episode 1, Eleanor looked at Tahani and asked her if she would like to crash at her motel. She looked very disappointed when she re…

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Nubyth Nubyth 13 July 2018

GoFundMe for Angela Trimbur

Angela Trimbur, who plays Madison in The Good Place, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and there is currently a campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for her medical treatment. If you would like to donate, the page is here:

Step Up For Angela

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Dennischow Dennischow 31 January 2018

Fan made Janets

There is a Bad and a Good Janet that I made on Facebook Press read more to see the links

Check it out

Click to see Good Janet's Facebook Page

Click to see Bad Janet's Facebook Page

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Nubyth Nubyth 30 January 2018

Picture this

I'm pleased to say that we now have images for every credited character who has ever made an on-screen appearance in The Good Place, from Eleanor Shellstrop all the way down to Woman in green. We may not have anything else about them, but at least you can now match faces to names and vice versa.

So if you're wondering who the fork Zach Czytchu or Google Crosby is, or want to put names to the various members of Trevor's demonic entourage, now you can!

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Nubyth Nubyth 12 January 2018

Ted is the Critics' Choice

Congratulations to Ted Danson, who won Best Actor In A Comedy Series at the 2018 Critics' Choice Television Awards last night.

This is the second year in a row that The Good Place has picked up a Critics' Choice Award, having won Most Exciting New Series in 2017.

This year, Kristen Bell was also shortlisted for Best Actress In A Comedy Series, which was won by Rachel Brosnahan from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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Nubyth Nubyth 4 January 2018

Everybody's talking

With The Good Place coming back after its mid-season break, the actors have been doing the promotional rounds. Here are some interviews you may have missed...

Collider.com - D'Arcy Carden

The AV Club - Jameela Jamil

Entertainment Weekly - Kristen Bell (possibly slightly spoilery)

Washington's Top News - Jameela Jamil

Vulture.com - Manny Jacinto

GQ.com - William Jackson Harper

Meanwhile, UPROXX rates Michael's bow ties because, why not?

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Witnessme Witnessme 11 July 2016

NBC Unveil 2016 Comic-Con Line-Up

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