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Brent Norwalk is a series regular in season 4 of The Good Place, portrayed by Ben Koldyke. He is Subject Four of the four humans selected for the experiment. In life Brent was a racist and sexist employer in the Materials Business, sent to annoy Eleanor Shellstrop, while in the afterlife he became convinced that the place he was in wasn't good enough and started trying to earn his way into the "Best Place"

Later on in the series, Brent writes a novel called Six Feet Under Par. The other eight, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, Michael, Janet, John and Simone, all think the book is rude, racist and sexist. Chidi punches Brent across the face.

Michael performs a magic trick, causing Brent to fall into a sinkhole. Chidi falls in with him, while Simone and John leave. He soon discovers he will not be going to the 'Best Place' but that Michael and Eleanor tell him he is in the Bad Place. He finally apologizes to Chidi, before the two, along with Simone and John, are frozen in place.

By apologizing, he improved, taking a part in saving the human race.

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