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Chapter 17: Team Cockroach is the 4th episode of Season 2 of The Good Place.


Michael proposes an alliance with the humans, who struggle to come to collective decision.


Michael has come to make a deal with the humans, seeking an alliance. He details his plan - he will reboot the neighborhood but secretly leave their memories intact, and they will feign ignorance; if they refuse, Michael asserts they will again detect the ruse, Vicky will expose him, and the humans will be remanded to traditional, hellish torture, while Michael himself will be retired and burned eternally. Michael also claims he can get the four and himself into the real Good Place.

Chidi agrees quickly, accepting that his work on ethics in life was unsuccessful. Jason is oblivious, but Michael's bow tie earns his trust. Tahani insists she belongs in the Good Place, but concedes after Michael helps her remember how she died - she was crushed by a statue of her sister Kamilah that she tried to pull down after getting angry over getting upstaged again, demonstrating Tahani's self-obsession.

Eleanor initially plans to flee to Mindy's house, but accedes to Michael's plan after Michael informs her that Chidi never refused to help her when she asked for it.

Eleanor adds a condition: Michael must participate in Chidi's ethics classes. Even though Michael sees humans as "cockroaches", he agrees. The neighborhood is rebooted, with Vicky taking on the role of the top point earner and honorary mayor. The humans and Michael meet in secret and are joined by Janet, whose programming compels her to make humans happy; thus, she will support the only real humans present.


Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop
William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye
Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil
D'Arcy Carden as Janet/Bad Janet
Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza
and Ted Danson as Michael

Recurring Cast

Tiya Sircar as Vicky

Guest Starring

Rebecca Hazlewood as Kamilah Al-Jamil


Joanna Sotomura as Véronique


  • Attempt #782 was the longest attempt at 11 months, while Attempt #556 was the shortest attempt at 8 seconds.
  • The way Tahani died is revealed.
  • ||Spoiler|| - Michael tells Eleanor and the others that he has erased their memory 802 times and shows them a graph, which seems to show the average time between memory wipes/reboots is about 5 months. This means they have been dead for over 330 years.


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