Chapter 35: Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By is the 9th episode of Season 3 of The Good Place.


Michael and Janet visit the person they believe to be the blueprint for how to live a good life on Earth; Eleanor turns to Tahani for advice.


Doug Forcett is seen going about his daily routine of tending to his solar panels and picking vegetables from the garden when there's a knock at the door. He answers it and finds Michael and Janet waiting for him on his doorstop. They tell Doug that they'd love to do a human interest story on him for the paper they're pretending to work for. Doug agrees and Janet takes Doug's picture. He invites them inside and they take a seat while Doug recounts a story of how he realized that he must live a perfect life. This was after he took some special mushrooms and learned about how the afterlife worked. That he must work to maximize his point total in order to get into The Good Place. Doug realizes that he hasn't offered them any refreshments and goes to get them some water. Michael and Janet talk about how they must learn what makes Doug tick in order to use him to help others.

Meanwhile, Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason are waiting for them at the Puking Moose Saloon. Chidi is excited to relax after all their traveling. Jason asks Chidi if he wants to play pool and the two of them go to play. Eleanor tells Tahani that she wants to talk to her about Chidi. Meanwhile, Michael and Janet learn that all Doug eats are radishes and lentils. Eleanor explains to Tahani about the other timeline and asks when it would be a good time to bring up to Chidi that they used to be lovers. Tahani tells Eleanor that the only reason she'd tell Chidi that this happened is if she wanted it to happen again in the present. Doug shows Michael and Janet the 71 dogs and wolves that he's rescued. He reveals that he's been mauled several times. A local boy named Raymond shows up who takes advantage of Doug and makes him do whatever he tells him to do. Doug says that as long as Raymond is happy he'll get points for the afterlife.

Janet tells Michael that Doug isn't a blueprint for living a good life. She says that he's a happiness pump who maximizes the happiness of others at the expensive of himself, which Chidi had mentioned in one of his lessons as a common criticism of utilitarianism ethics. Michael and Janet decide to leave. Doug says goodbye to them but accidentally calls Michael Mark. This upsets Doug who spirals and unintentionally kills a snail. Chidi and Jason are still playing Jacksonville-style pool when Eleanor asks Chidi if they can talk. Eleanor begins to explain to Chidi about what Michael showed her when she realizes that this bar is full of demons. Eleanor tries to get them out of there but they come face to face with Shawn. He asks them where Michael is. Michael and Janet attend the snails funeral. Michael pulls Doug aside and offers him some advice. Michael tells him that he must've earned enough afterlife points by now that maybe he could loosen up. He tells him to relax but Doug says no. He can't risk it because there is someone out there measuring the value of everything he does. He has to make every moment count because it's the only reasonable way to live. He leaves to go walk three weeks to make a donation in honor of the snail.

Eleanor asks Shawn why he doesn't just take them to The Bad Place already. Shawn says that he wants to see the look on Michael's face. Eleanor tries to bluff that he'll never see Michael or Janet again but both of them walk in during her speech. They are both shocked to see Shawn much to his delight. Michael asks what he's doing here and Shawn tells him that he's going to take them all to the Bad Place. Michael says he's going to have to go through him and Janet just starts attacking the demons. She tells the others to get to someplace safe. One of the demons, Chris Baker, tries to steal Chidi away but Tahani hits him on the head with a pool stick. Janet takes out all of the demons. Eleanor gets the courage to tell Chidi that they used to be in love and that she might be in love with him again. Shawn grabs hold of both Chidi and Eleanor and tries to drag them to the portal. Janet steps in front of them and kicks him away, knocking him out. Michael is excited because they defeated them but primarily thanks Janet for doing all the work.

Michael asks Shawn how he got down here. Shawn tells him that they built their own door. Michael asks why he can't just leave them alone. Shawn says that he wants Eleanor and everyone else. Michael has Janet kick him back into the afterlife. Chidi points out that Shawn was pretty confident that Doug is going to the Bad Place. Michael says that he's thought that the point system has been messed up for a while. That they need to gather evidence. Tahani asks how they do that and Michael says that they have to go to the Accounts office. He tells the four of them to stay here and wait for them to return. The door opens to the saloon and more demons shows up. Janet says that she can take them into her void or at least try to. She also tells them that they're going to die here on Earth so say goodbye. Chidi freaks out but they disappear right as he's protesting.

Cast Edit

Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop
William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye
Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil
D'Arcy Carden as Janet
Manny Jacinto as Jason Mendoza
and Ted Danson as Michael

Recurring Cast

Marc Evan Jackson as Shawn

Guest Starring

Michael McKean as Doug Forcett
Bambadjan Bamba as Bambadjan
Luke Guldan as Chris Baker
Jama Williamson as Val
Tiya Sircar as Vicky


Josh Siegal as Glenn
Nicolas Cantu as Raymond

The Good JokesEdit

  • "When is the right time to tell someone you were passionate lovers in an alternate timeline in the afterlife, but he doesn’t remember because, technically, none of that happened in this strand of the multiverse? You know, I’ll just check with Yahoo Answers. I’m sure someone’s weighed in." - Eleanor
  • "Eleanor, just because these people are wearing cheap leather and stonewashed denim... they’re still part of the Queen’s realm. Calling them demons is a bit much." - Tahani
  • "Is it just me, or is Janet a straight-up hottie right now?" - Eleanor

Trivia Edit

  • "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By" by Mama Cass Elliot plays over the opening scene. As shown in the scene, the song originally comes from her 1970 "greatest hits" album Mama's Big Ones.
    • The whole scene could be a nod to a similar waking up routine in a TV show LOST with another song by Mama Cass Elliot - "Make Your Own Kind of Music".
  • Doug is seen reading Peter Singer’s The Most Good You Can Do, a book describing and arguing for the ideas of effective altruism. Peter Singer is a moral philosopher and bioethicist who is best known for his work on animal rights.
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