"Chapter 52: Whenever You're Ready" is the thirteenth and final episode of the fourth season of The Good Place, and the fifty-second and final episode overall. It aired on January 30, 2020.

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Various conversations occur, between various groups of people.

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The new system is working; Michael and the four humans have regular meetings with the Judge and Shawn on status, and with some bumps in the road, millions of humans are being properly sent to their appropriate destinies. And those in the Good Place are making the choice to leave once they are ready.

The first of our four humans to feel ready is Jason. He's won a perfect game in remote control football, after hundreds of tries, and he's reached the end of his goals in the afterlife. He tells his friends, and there's a big party, with everyone Jason knew in life who are now in the afterlife. This includes his father, and the members of Jason's dance group, so it's a wild, joyful party.

The next day, Jason and Janet walk in the woods to the Last Door. He had made a necklace for her, so she won't forget him, but he can't find it. She leaves him alone there, to go through the Last Door when he's ready.

Tahani has been methodically going through a list of goals, all of which are real life goals, not merely fashion or status statements. (Number 9362: Become a master woodworker. Number 9363: Learn how to repave a driveway....) She has also been having thousands of happy reunions with her parents and sister. But eventually, she's finished her list, and feels complete, and calls her friends in.

At a going-away party for Tahani, she talks with Michael and realizes she has another goal to shoot for: to become an Architect, like Michael. He leads her through the Hub to the Architect Design center, and introduces her to the other Architects as a new apprentice.

Chidi and Eleanor have been happily going through the works of famous philosophers, but Chidi is the next to realize that his afterlife is complete. He's read everything he wanted to, he's used the green doors to visit everyplace that matters to him, and it's time for him to leave. Eleanor is not pleased with this, and takes him on a whirlwind tour of Athens and Paris, which were important places in his life, she's trying to keep him interested in being with her, and it's fun, but she can see, he's really ready to move on.

They have a last night together, and the next day Janet takes Chidi to the Last Door.

Just after Chidi goes through the door, Jason pops out from behind a tree. He had lost the necklace he had meant to give Janet, and couldn't bear to leave until he gave it to her. So after she left him there, days or years before, he had just stayed there in the forest, having a peaceful life, almost a monk-like existence, until he found the necklace in his pocket. So now he gives it to her, and races through the door.

Eleanor realizes that Mindy isn't getting the chance to be re-evaluated by the new system. She goes to her and makes the offer, but Mindy is reluctant to be evaluated by some stranger. Eleanor takes her to the Architect center where Tahani is, and Mindy accepts being evaluated by Tahani once she's finished her apprenticeship.

Eleanor feels ready to leave by the Last Door, but when there, with Janet and Michael, Michael is also showing signs of wanting to leave. But the Last Door isn't made for him. They all go back to the Neighborhood, until Eleanor has an idea. She gets the Judge to agree to let Michael go to Earth and have a real life there as a real person. We see him entering Earth and starting a new life, making friends and learning things.

Eleanor's afterlife is now complete. She goes through the Last Door.

We watch her become one of many sparks of brightness that float through the air. We follow one spark as it goes to Earth, and we see a man getting his mail at his apartment. He tosses some mis-addressed mail in the trash... and the spark lights on him. He gets an idea, picks the piece of mail out of the trash, and carries it to the proper address. It's addressed to Michael, now a perfectly ordinary human. The man gives Michael his mail, they smile and exchange polite words; the man walks away, and Michael closes his door.

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  • “The true joy is in the mystery."
  • “Take it sleazy.”


  • The finale featured cameo appearances from Nick Offerman, Pamela Hieronymi, Todd May and Mary Steenburgen, who's Ted Dansen's wife in real life.


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