"Oh no that's fine for me; I don't know what I want"

-Dave Katterttrune

"And who might you be, by the way?"

-Dave to Eleanor and Michael


Dave Katterttrune is a character in Season 3 of The Good Place. Dave is an architect and the boyfriend of Donna Shellstrop.


Dave Katterttrune was an architect who was in charge of the destruction of a bar that "Diana Tremaine" frequented. After she attempted to get them to stop they quickly got together. The next morning she admitted to him that she was in fact Donna Shellstrop.

Some time later she moved in with him and his daughter and became a sort of mother figure to her, even running for President of the PTA.

One day her daughter, Eleanor, and an older man named Michael arrived to put Donna on the correct path and he welcomed them with open arms. Dave bonded with Michael over their shared love of architecture and Donna was elected secretary of the PTA by a landslide.

Dave does not appear in the season four afterlife Good Place, so it is possible at the time shown there he had not died yet/had not yet passed his afterlife test.

Trivia Edit

Dave is an architect.

Dave had a daughter with an unnamed woman previously before meeting Donna Shellstrop.

He believes Donna is turning him into what he calls 'a bad boy' (owning a jet black watch with spikes on it).

He claims that Donna is "a very passionate and selfish lover" which is fine for him because he doesn't know what he wants.

Michael and Eleanor think he makes great martinis.

Dave owns a mini mansion, and his napkins are made of fine cloth.

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