You must be Michael, Janet has made a lot of talk talk into my ear holes about you
—Derek introducing himself to Michael[src]
Derek Hofstetler is a character in The Good Place, created by Janet.

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Season 2 Edit

Derek was created by Janet when Eleanor Shellstrop suggests that she get another boyfriend to forget about her feelings for Jason Mendoza and her consequent jealousy of Jason and Tahani's relationship. During his and Janet's brief relationship he appears whenever she is summoned.

Their relationship deteriorates rapidly over a matter of hours, and they fight intensely. This compromises Janet's functionality and threatens to reveal the humans' secrets to Vicky.

Eventually Janet decides to dispose of Derek, which involves re-adsorbing much of her essence she had given him from his body. This reduces him to a simple, compliant state, only able to say his own name. Janet puts him in a box and places him in a corner of her void.

He is retrieved in Chapter 22 as part of the humans' escape plan. As a diversionary tactic, and as a present to Mindy St. Claire, he sent to the Medium Place as a "willing sex robot" alongside two duffle bags full of cocaine.

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Similar to Janet, Derek is very cheerful and upbeat, but far more childlike and less intelligent.

Trivia Edit

  • Creating such a being should not, according to Michael, be possible for Janet. Being her first creation there are some design flaws, including Derek having no genitals but rather wind chimes as a penis.
  • Derek generally appears to be a being like Janet:
    • He is able to teleport like Janet into and out of their Void, but when he does, the 'bing' sound is much lower in tone.
    • Derek is also able to operate the train.
  • Unlike Janet herself, Derek claims to have a last name, Hofstetler. It is not clear whether he was given this by Janet, or chose it himself, nor is there any obvious reason for it.
  • Derek's lines were often translated several times to create what Derek would end up saying.

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