Disco Janet was a character in The Good Place. She was first mentioned in Chapter 40 and made her first appearance in Chapter 47.

Disco Janet appears to be a type of Janet, but it is unclear whether she is an entire subspecies of Janet or not; only one has been evident in the series. She is perhaps a solely unique Janet. Her purpose as a Janet is also unclear; Good Janets, Bad Janets, and Neutral Janets are created to serve their respective locations, but Disco Janet has no apparent home.

Judge Gen marbleized Disco Janet after she found her Void did not contain the Earth Reboot Device.


Disco Janet was manufactured in the Janet Warehouse. It is unclear what the intention of her creation was.

She evidently has some history with Michael, who stated that she was "around for a while," presumably in the Bad Place, for unknown reasons.

Her first appearance occurs in Chapter 47, when she rollerskates into Judge Gen's courtroom with the other Janets. In Chapter 49, she gave Chidi Anagonye a pair of roller skates and was seen skating through the Judge's chambers. She is marbleized by the Judge with the last words "Keep On Trucking". Disco Janet's void delayed the Judge in her effort to erase the earth via Disco.


Michael describes Disco Janet as "fun, but a lot." She is peppy and energetic and outgoing, from what has been seen so far.


Disco Janet wears a purple shirt underneath a silver shining vest with matching silver bell bottom pants, and roller skates. She also wears bright pink lipstick and has big, curly hair.


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As a unique Janet, Disco Janet has a correspondingly unique Void. The entire space is a dance floor with music and a disco ball. Music plays on a loop in the background. Disco Janet's search bar is used by speaking into an 8-track receiver microphone.


  • Michael Schur hinted at a new type of Janet before the release of Season 4, which Eric Goldman confirmed in July 2019.[1]
  • When a Disco Janet is marbleized, it turns into a marble sized disco ball.
  • Unlike other Janet's void, Disco Janet's void has "ring my bell" playing on a loop, with presumably one disco ball in the "center". Disco Janet's "search bar" is an 8-track radio with a microphone in which you say what you want.


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