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You may also be looking for Doug Forcett or Doug Shellstrop. This article refers to the father of Jason Mendoza.

When I had Jason, I was 18 years old. In many ways, Jason raised me just as much as I raised him. So, thanks for being a great dad, son!
—Donkey Doug to Jason at his farewell party.[src]

Doug "Donkey Doug" Mendoza is a minor character that appears in Season 3 and Season 4 of The Good Place.


He was mentioned by Jason multiple times in previous seasons. He briefly appears in Chapter 28: Everything Is Bonzer! Part 2. He later appeared in Chapter 32: The Ballad of Donkey Doug, where it is revealed that he is Jason's father. He's last seen in Chapter 52: Whenever You're Ready giving a toast to Jason. He had Jason when he was 18 years old. Jason's mother died of cancer when Jason was young. His relationship with his son is more like a friendship than an actual father and son. He committed many crimes, such as robbery and vandalization, but was probably never caught. He made it into the good place and spoke at Jason's farewell cerimony about how great of a dad he (jason) was. He finishes his statement with "Thanks for being a great dad, Son!"


  • Donkey Doug is The Good Place's third character named Doug (the first two being Doug Shellstrop and Doug Forcett).
  • Doug is presumably Filipino, as his son Jason is.
  • He was about to invent double trouble, a mix of deodorant and energy drink, both stolen, before jason told him to not waste his life robbing, and instead help other people.