Donna Shellstrop is Eleanor Shellstrop's mother.

History Edit

Donna Shellstrop was once married to Doug Shellstrop. She is first seen in a flashback where Eleanor gets her to sign emancipation papers. She is not a very good person, as she forgot Eleanor's birthday at least once.

She and Doug are the reason Eleanor is so selfish as they taught Eleanor that she always needs to put herself first in order to survive. She is responsible for the death of Eleanor's dog Max.

During the funeral of her ex-husband she crashed it and hit on her daughter's boyfriend. She faked her death after betting too much money and not wanting to pay up. Some time later she moved to Nevada as Dianna Tremaine where she met Dave Katterttrune and they quickly got together and she told him about who she really was.

She moved in with him and his daughter Patricia and despite her changing for the better she still kept a stash of money in case she needed to run away. One day her daughter arrived with an older man named Michael who discovered that she had changed for the better despite Eleanor trying to find a way for her to still be like she was before.

Donna won an election for PTA president during this time but when they returned home Eleanor discovered her stash of money. Eleanor was able to recognize that for Donna to truly be redeemed she had to get rid of the money and use it for Patricia which she ended up doing before send Eleanor and Michael off.

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