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You may also be looking for Doug Shellstrop or Doug Mendoza, the fathers of Eleanor and Jason. This article refers to the stoner from Calgary who predicted the course of the Afterlife.

Douglas "Doug" L. Forcett is a former stoner from Calgary, who during the 1970s gained fame in the afterlife by making an almost perfectly accurate prediction about its inner workings.

In Chapter 36: Janet(s), it is revealed that Doug's point total is 520,000 – about half the required points to enter The Good Place. Because he was sixty-eight years old.(birth year 1950 or 1949), under the old system Doug would not have been able to accumulate enough points in his lifetime and would have therefore been doomed to spend eternity in The Bad Place.


On October 14, 1972, during a magic mushroom trip, he described to his friend Randy the nature of the afterlife to a surprising degree of accuracy — getting it "92% correct," according to Michael.[2]

As a result, he is a celebrity throughout the universe (or at least in the neighborhood setting of the show), and a portrait of him hangs in Michael's office.

In Chapter 35, Michael and Janet visit Doug in Calgary, thinking that he may provide the model for how people can reach the Good Place.

However, they discover that his revelation has led him to a life of solitude and self-sacrifice in which he is terrified to do anything for his own benefit because it may lead to him ending up in the Bad Place.

In the Final Chapter, Doug appears in the Good Place at the age he was in his portrait, eating fried chicken. Other Good Place residents report that he "parties hard". Michael later says that he went through the door.


  • Before Doug appeared in person, there was some doubt as to whether he was real, or just a story Michael made up. At one point, Mike Schur explained: "It is canon in our writers’ room, at this moment in time — subject to change — yes, Doug Forcett exists and that story is real." This was eventually made canon by the events of Chapter 35.
  • The portrait of a young Doug that hangs in Michael's office is actually a picture of actor/writer Noah Garfinkel, a friend and colleague of The Good Place writer/producer Joe Mande.
  • In Chapter 35 it is revealed that Doug is actually 68. This is actually the reason he does not have enough points to get into The Good Place; he has accumulated about half the required points.
  • Doug predicted how the Afterlife worked exactly a decade before the birth of Eleanor Shellstrop (10/14/72 and 10/14/82).
  • Doug once said that the last time he went to donate blood, they ended up giving him more because he had already donated too much.