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You may also be looking for Doug Forcett or Doug Mendoza. This article refers to the father of Eleanor Shellstrop.
"Oh, wait, that's a joint. You got a pen? Or, a lighter?"
—-Doug to 14 year old Eleanor

Doug Shellstrop is a minor character. He is Eleanor Shellstrop's father and Donna Shellstrop's ex-husband.


He would often neglect his own daughter, even forgetting her 14th birthday and using half her college fund to frame his ex-wife's boyfriend, despite the fact he was already guilty.

He has two onscreen appearances, both in season one. One of which is a flashback to when Eleanor was 14 when he wasted half her college fund before signing her emancipation papers and smoking cannabis from a borrowed lighter.

His second appearance was his funeral, where the only picture the church officials could find of him was his mugshot. Donna arrives to his funeral (wine glass in hand) and starts roasting him.

He has been mentioned several other times in the series by Eleanor, who says he was a crappy and neglectful person.

His cause of death is unknown.

He has not appeared in the Good Place afterlife in season four, possibly because he has not passed his afterlife test yet or perhaps Eleanor did not want to see/spend time with him.


  • He is a fan of Professional American Basketball
  • His cause of death is unknown, but it is possible heavy drinking and use of non-recreational marijuana(most likely brick weed) may hav e influenced his death.