Earth is one of the major realms depicted in the series The Good Place. It is where the humans resided before their deaths. It is seen only in flashback until the Season 2 finale when the Judge undoes the deaths of Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani and Jason, and sends them back to Earth to see whether they can become better people. Season 3 is mainly set on Earth.

Afterlife beings and EarthEdit

The Earth is accessible from the afterlife via the The Door to Earth, which is guarded by The Doorman. There is only one key to the door, which the doorman says cannot be duplicated, though it is ambiguous whether this means it literally cannot be duplicated, or it is simply not allowed to be.

Janets appear to have near-complete knowledge of what happens on Earth. The Judge also seems to have complete access though she does not necessarily use it.

Demons do not have direct access to knowledge of Earth, which leads Shawn and his minions to hack into the Judge's computer system in order to gain such access in Chapter 27. However, they do clearly consume Earth (and particularly North American) culture, as evidenced by the many cultural references in the show.

Locations on Earth Edit

Some important locations on Earth include:

  • Phoenix, Arizona, United States: Eleanor Shellstrop's home town.
  • Senegal: Where Chidi Anagonye grew up.
  • Jacksonville, Florida, US: Jason Mendoza's home town.
  • England, United Kingdom: Home to Tahani al-Jamil.
  • Sydney, Australia: Where Chidi was teaching at the time of his original death, and the main setting of several episodes in Season 3, especially St. John's University.
  • Tarantula Springs, Nevada, US: Where Donna Shellstrop settled after faking her own death.
  • France: Both Chidi and Tahani lived in the French capital Paris for a time. According to Michael, being from France means you automatically go to The Bad Place.
  • Calgary, Canada: Where Doug Forcett lives; where the soul squad dies for a second time.
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