For the student who tries to befriend Eleanor in school see Jessica.

Gayle is a Bad Place torturer in the series The Good Place. During Attempt #1 she goes by the alias Jessica.

History Edit

She first appears in Chapter 2, when she is the neighborhood resident who tells Eleanor Shellstrop that flying is "like fifty million simultaneous orgasms, but better." In Chapter 11, she complains of having collided with a rotting turkey carcass when Eleanor caused the trash storm.  

In Chapter 15, she is one of the demons expressing disappointment at Michael's plans for the next reboot. She plays an important part in Chapter 22 when she witnesses Vicky attempting to remove Janet's magnetic cuffs and later tells on her to Shawn.

She is later seen as one of Shawn's inner circle in The Selection.

Trivia Edit

  • In Chapter 5, the fake Neighborhood Points Ranking includes the name "Jessica Nakanoi" at #5. As Gayle was using the name "Jessica" in Attempt #1, it is likely that this was her full alias.
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