Get Out of the Spotlight (often stylized as Get out of the Spotlight or GET OUT of the SPOTLIGHT[1]) is a self-help and autobiographical book written by Pakistani-British socialite Tahani Al-Jamil[2] concerning society's superfluous obsession with fame and her own progress in redefining herself as a person.

Get Out of the Spotlight marked Al-Jamil's triumphant return to modern society after a solitary and transformative year as a monk.


In Get Out of the Spotlight, Al-Jamil reinforces the importance of gratuitous acts towards others and the significance of these actions in one's own well-being and self-awareness. She also tells of her own life story and her own realization of these aims.


After leading a life obsessed with the intricacies of fame and notability - and attempts to get ahead of her sister Kamilah in this race - Al-Jamil was prompted to undergo a self-reflection and improvement after a near-death experience caused by her self-absorption[3].

To achieve this goal, Al-Jamil became a monk and devoted herself to her studies, completely disconnecting from the modern world.The press discovered Al-Jamil at her monastery a year later and persuaded her to return to society, where she decided to author Get out of the Spotlight.


The book is believed to have been published in 2018. The cover has a purple floral design (symbolic of Al-Jamil's signature dresses) behind Al-Jamil herself in a pose of namaste.

Ironically, the publication of the book temporarily set Al-Jamil back in old patterns of fame obsession, resulting in several book signings and events based around the book, until she joined a social experiment at St. John's University in Sydney, Australia, distancing herself from the book's initial success.


The book was an immediate success in both the world of the famous and the world of the common people. Specific reviews that are known are limited. The few known were used by Al-Jamil at a book signing shortly after the book's publication:

  • "This book is so brilliant, I've decided to quit writing, because I'll never top it." - Malcolm Gladwell
  • "Ditto." - Cormac McCarthy


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