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"Glenn" is a Bad Place torturer and resident of Neighborhood 12358W. In Chapter 43, he gives his real name as "Snakes Pour Forth From His Anus".


His first appearance was in Chapter 3. He made a memorable appearance in Chapter 4, when he attended the opening of The Good Plates and fell into the sinkhole which opened up in response to Eleanor's actions on the night.

In Chapter 5, "Glenn Martrempf" (who presumably is the same person) is shown to be the only resident rated lower than Tahani in the neighborhood point ranking.

In Chapter 13, he was one of the immortal beings in attendance when Michael pitched his "Good Place" idea to Shawn and the other archtiects, suggesting he may have a more important role in the Neighborhood than has yet been shown.

In Chapter 16, he was Eleanor's "soulmate" in one of Michael's many attempts at running his "Good Place" experiment.

Throughout Season 3, he is seen as one of Shawn's Bad Place crew, but he is treated badly by Shawn, leading him to defect in Season 4. In Chapter 43, he attempts to convince the humans that The Bad Place has been meddling with the experiment again, though he has got the details wrong and believes they have sent Vicky in a Michael suit, when in fact they have switched Bad Janet for Good Janet. Bad Janet shoots him, turning him into goo, which Michael and Jason take with them when they go to rescue Good Janet from Bad Place Headquarters.