The Good Place Correspondence Center is a location in The Good Place.

History Edit

It is a building first seen in Chapter 36: Janet(s) when Michael, Janet, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason arrive there, believing it to be the Good Place. It is revealed in Chapter 37: The Book Of Dougs to be the Correspondence Center by Gwendolyn, who works there.

It is essentially a post office. The downstairs area has the appearance of an old fashioned mailroom and is where messages, point totals, and other things are sent to and from the Accounting Department.

The upstairs area has a living room, with Middle Eastern décor, where Michael gathers with the Good Place Committee.

The building is located in its own dimension, and it has a door to The Good Place, however the door cannot be opened by humans. The door that humans can access, otherwise known as the Official Entrance, is located 500 trillion miles north-south-north from the Correspondence Center.

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