Henry is a character in The Good Place. He was one of Chidi's fellow lecturers.

History[edit | edit source]

In flashbacks, Henry once bought a hideous pair of cowboy boots, and asked Chidi if he liked them. Chidi lied that he did, a lie that so gnawed away at him that he agonized over it for two years before confessing.

In Chapter 19: The Trolley Problem, a simulation of Henry is used in Michael's version of "The Trolley Problem."

In Chapter 27: Everything Is Bonzer! Part 1, Henry is impressed by Chidi's sudden quick decision making as it only takes him a minute or so to choose a muffin.

Chidi said all it took was him deciding to be more decisive, and he recommends that Henry decide to do something he's wanted to do, which is get fit.

However, his attempt to get fit lands him in hospital, severely injured. This, and Henry's nurse warning Chidi against blueberry muffins, sends Chidi spiraling back into indecision.

Henry has had many unfortunate incidents, such as when he is submitted to the hospital with a 50/50 chance he will live and when he is submitted to the hospital again when in a gym his foot flew up, gave him a concussion and Henry lost control of his bladder and urinated everywhere.

In a simulation he was also crushed by a trolley and his foot flew off.

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