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I'm rootin' for you frog man!
—Jeff to Michael
I only drink decaf antimatter. Ah, I'll take it, it's only four thirty, my shift doesn't end till nine billion

Jeff is an afterlife being who works as The Doorman, guarding The Door to Earth. He loves frogs. He first appears in Everything Is Bonzer! Part 1. He is played by Mike O'Malley.


Jeff first meets Michael when Michael is tasked by Gen to save Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason from the events that would have killed them, in order to see if they are capable of becoming better people without knowing about The Good Place.

Jeff appears to be a man of few words and not much of a sense of humor, though he does admit to liking frogs, as evidenced by the frog keychain on The Key.

Michael sneaks back to Earth twice, bringing Jeff antimatter (he would prefer decaf, but since his shift doesn't end until Nine Billion, he takes it), and later, bringing him a mug with a picture of a frog on it, which delights Jeff.

After Gen discovers that Michael, Janet, and Trevor have all been sneaking off to Earth, she attempts to bring Michael and Janet back to The Bad Place so Michael can be retired.

However, a Janet materialization mishap briefly separates them from Gen, and Jeff tosses the key to Michael, saying, "I'm rooting for you, frog man."

Sometime later when Michael, Janet, and the humans are in the Good Place Correspondence Center Jeff opens the door to take them to the Interdimensional Hole Of Pancakes where they are ready to make a deal with the Judge.

In the final episode his area of doorways to other parts of the afterlife is more crowded, and people who visit him give him frog collectibles. Michael kindly gives him a real frog as a pet, which makes him so excited and happy. He proceeds to name the frog "Mr. Jumpy Legs".


  • His name is revealed by Gen in Chapter 29, though in the show's official credits he is listed simply as The Doorman.
  • He loves frogs.
  • By the shows end he has collected over 322 frog related items.
  • Jeff says that he only drinks decaf antimatter.
  • Apparently (according to Jeff), he is over 8,000 years old.
  • He told Michael that his shift as doorman ends at 'Nine billion'