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John Wheaton is a character on The Good Place, portrayed by Brandon Scott Jones.


John is "Subject One" of the four humans selected for the experiment. He was a blogger during his life and used to write gossip columns about Tahani Al-Jamil. When he arrives in The Afterlife, he seems fascinated by Janet's knowledge and pesters her for celebrity gossip.

John's sexual orientation appears to be gay or bisexual, as he has stated that when he died he pumped his face full of Juvederm, and that his ex-boyfriend will be jealous. He has also hooked up with Alexander the Great (he states it was more like “Alexander the Fine”).

At the start of the experiment he cares far too much about gossip and spreads it a lot, which results in hurting many people involved in his stories, but by the end of the experimental year he had improved with the help of Tahani and his afterlife friends.

By the end of the series he had improved enough to enter The Good Place, where he says goodbye to Tahani when she considers going through The Last Door, and he also tells her about his hookup with Alexander the Great.

He owned a celebrity gossip site called "The Gossip Toilet", which he says has millions of followers, although he could have been lying to make it sound more impressive.

John's cause of death is unknown.


  • John is part of LGBTQ+, most likely gay.
  • He has hooked up with Alexander the Great.
  • He owned a website called The Gossip Toilet, which he claims to have had millions of followers before he died.
  • According the Matt the accountant's calculations, John improved the most during the experiment, reaching 42%.
  • Josh is intended to be a parody of gossip blogger Perez Hilton, from his specific obsession with the Olson twins, which Hiilton is well known for in real life.