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..And I can't wait until we move far way from the likes of you, and I can finally take her last name!
—Larry to Michael and Janet
Alright my love, ready to go to the airport, start our lives together?
—Larry before Tahani breaks up with him

Larry Hemsworth is a character on The Good Place, played by Ben Lawson.


Larry Hemsworth is the fourth Hemsworth brother. He was engaged to Tahani Al-Jamil before she married Jason Mendoza. He is very insecure due to the success of his siblings despite being a surgeon and incredibly attractive.


Despite being a talented pediatric surgeon who "fixes babies' spines" according to Tahani, handsome (having a "perfect jawline" according to Eleanor,) rich, coming from a famous family and in great physical shape (he mentions having "eight-pack" abdominal muscles, and Eleanor makes the hyperbolic statement that he has 0% body fat)—Larry is very insecure, and tends to fumble his words when he gets nervous, and he describes his face as looking similar to a very dull rock. Like Tahani, he gets very irritated whenever someone mentions his brothers Chris, Liam, or Luke. or johnny sins

Larry's insecurity is showcased in absurd fashion when he refers to himself as the "hideous shame" of the Hemsworth family, despite his aforementioned good looks, intelligence, and professional success.


Larry Hemsworth was in a relationship with Tahani Al-Jamil before her death and revival but they broke up at some point. When she went to Australia to be a member of a study group, they crossed paths and restarted their relationship.

One year later, they got engaged and threw a large party. This led to Tahani and the other members of the study group finding out that they had died and gone to the Bad Place.

This discovery led to Tahani marrying Jason Mendoza; after she revealed this to her friends, Larry walked in, not knowing that his fiancée got married. Eleanor recorded their breakup, and presumably posted the video footage on social media, as in the next episode a tabloid magazine cover spreads news of Tahani and Larry's breakup, although it is possible Larry made a public statement about the breakup, and Eleanor did not upload the footage.


  • Larry Hemsworth is a creation of the show, as there is no fourth Hemsworth brother in real life.
  • Larry describes himself as being dull as a rock, and also says he has a face like a rock, then scolds himself for talking about rocks too frequently.
  • He is a very successful pediatric surgeon, weighed down by his insecurities regarding his family.
  • According to Janet, he has only seen 4.8 percent of Sydney, despite living there for over a year.