Larry Hemsworth is a character on The Good Place, played by Ben Lawson.

Character Edit

Larry Hemsworth is the fourth Hemsworth brother. He was engaged to Tahani Al-Jamil before she married Jason Mendoza. He is very insecure due to the success of his siblings despite being a surgeon and incredibly attractive.

Personality Edit

Despite being a talented surgeon, handsome, rich, coming from a famous family and in great physical shape—Larry is very insecure, and tends to fumble his words when he gets nervous. Like Tahani, he gets very irritated whenever someone mentions his brothers Chris, Liam, or Luke.


Larry Hemsworth was in a relationship with Tahani Al-Jamil before her death and revival but they broke up at some point. When she went to Australia to be a member of a study group, they crossed paths and restarted their relationship.

One year later, they got engaged and threw a large party. This led to Tahani and the other members of the study group finding out that they had died and gone to the Bad Place.

This discovery led to Tahani marrying Jason Mendoza; after she revealed this to her friends, Larry walked in, not knowing that his fiancée got married.

Trivia Edit

  • Larry Hemsworth is a creation of the show as there is no fourth Hemsworth brother in real life.
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