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Do you think they sent Linda to mess with Jason? She's from Norway. Is Norway, like... the opposite of Florida?
—-Eleanor to Michael about Linda's arrival

Linda Johannsen is the disguise of Chris Baker,[1] introduced in Season 4. Shawn sends Chris, as Linda, into the Good Place as one of the experimental subjects, intended to slowly undermine the experiment. She is very dull and has little visible reaction to her welcome into what she's told is the Good Place[2], but Chris loses self-control and blows his cover in Chapter 40.


Linda is very boring and is seemingly unimpressed by her paradisial surroundings. She acts passive-aggressively towards Eleanor and Michael in "Chapter 40." Later, when Michael and Eleanor try to coax some emotion out of her, Linda becomes angry and punches them both before flying around and colliding with several other residents.


Linda supposedly lived in Norway before her death.

Season 4

Eleanor and Michael welcome her into the Good Place. She displays very little reaction to the news of her death. She is then taken on a tour of the neighborhood, where she meets Janet.

Later, Eleanor and Michael attempt to learn more about her, but Linda reacts violently, leaving both of them as well as various residents with minor injuries. This effectively blows Chris's cover and Shawn is confronted before Chris is sent back to the Bad Place.


  • "Linda" is interested in the possibility of a fitness center in the Good Place.
  • "Linda" enjoys peppermints.


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