"Please Kill Me"
—Matt to Michael and Janet
What're you gonna use it for?
—a traumatized Matt when Michael asked him for a pen

Matt is an Accountant who works at the Accounting Department. His job is to calculate the value of "Weird Sex Things", a category which 99% of all new human behavior falls into. He reports to Neil, the Head Accountant, and has asked Neil for immediate suicide, which Neil's denied. Matt also reported to Neil when there were 500 new Weird Sex Things in one second when Burning Man starts.

Thankfully, he ends up being reassigned to tallying the points of the human residents of the new "Good Place". He has to stay inside a very cramped accountant's point tally box during the experiment, and he states he had "A lot of time alone in there", so he designed the point tall slot machine style reveal for the council.

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