And then I immediately fell into subway tracks and was electrocuted by the third rail. Honestly, not the type of rail I thought was gonna kill me
—Mindy recounting her death to Eleanor
There's no time for that 'morality' nonsense, hon. You gotta look out for number one
—Mindy telling Eleanor about her way of living

Mindy St. Claire is a recurring character on The Good Place, portrayed by Maribeth Monroe.

Character[edit | edit source]

Mindy was a cocaine-addicted and horny former corporate lawyer in the 1980s who, for most of her life, was a bad person, but she did one incredibly good thing which resulted in her being the only human, and from what has been shown, the only conscious being, ever sent to The Medium Place.

Life[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Mindy's life before her death. During the 1980s, she was a corporate lawyer who only cared about money and cocaine. She states she was "pretty crappy to my family, too."

One night while she was very high, Mindy had an epiphany and decided that she needed to do something good with her life and draw up plans for a global foundation that would help kids all over the world.

The next morning, Mindy went to the bank and withdrew her life savings and was going to start her charity, but she died after falling on subway tracks and being electrocuted by the third rail.

Death[edit | edit source]

After her death, Mindy's sister found her plans and used her money to start up the Mindy St. Claire Rescue Alliance, which became the largest relief aid charity in the world.

Both The Good Place and The Bad Place argued over whether or not Mindy should receive credit for the charity. Unable to agree where Mindy should go, a compromise was formed; they created a new Neighborhood just for her: The Medium Place.

The case was referenced by Gen in Chapter 25 when she stated that she hadn't had a case in 30 years–although she was probably going by Earth time rather than afterlife time, as we've seen Neil use this frame of reference in Chapter 36. Since Eleanor visited Mindy in both the first neighborhood experiment conducted by Michael and the last one, it is possible that by afterlife time Mindy has been in the medium Place for almost three hundred years on the Jeremy Bearimy Timeline, according Michael when Tahani asked how many years they were in the afterlife for.

Afterlife[edit | edit source]

Mindy presumably went to either the Good or Bad place first, before the officials in the Good Place discovered she was a bad person, and the officials in the bad place discovered she founded the Mindy St. Claire Rescue Alliance.

Mindy states "When I woke up, the two sides had been fighting over me for a long time," implying she had been frozen until they decided her fate. The Good and Bad Places took the matter to The Judge, who decided that Mindy have her own medium place. In Mindy's welcome video, it is stated that Mindy sent the Good Place a list of things she wanted (her favorite beer, a jukebox with every song ever sung, etc.) and the Bad Place, as Trevor puts it, made some 'modifications' (her beer was always warm, the jukebox only played every song ever sung by The Eagles, etc.).

During Michael's fake Good Place experiment, Mindy was visited by Eleanor, Janet, Jason, Chidi and Tahani at least fifteen times. She gives Eleanor the tape of Eleanor and Chidi confessing their feelings to each other. When Team Cockroach leaves to see Judge Gen, Eleanor sends her Derek as a thank you (along with two duffel bags of cocaine).

Mindy's voice is heard when Shawn's black ops team infiltrates her house, and asked the team who they are. The team leaves without answering her question. She also appears several times in season four during the human improvement experiment. The Soul Squad uses her home as headquarters, but Mindy usually does not bother them, and only interacts with them when granting them permission to use The Medium Place and when Jason wants to know how to de-activate Derek.

In the last episode, Eleanor believes her final purpose is to convince Mindy to go through the system. Mindy agrees, and Tahani agrees that once she is certified as an architect she and Shawn will design her test. Eleanor left to go through The Last Door before Tahani was fully certified.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was surprised how she died, electrocuted by the third rail of the subway tracks. She had predicted a death from cocaine overdose.
  • Mindy is not affected by all the resets that Michael performs in "The Good Place," and she remembers all of the times that the inhabitants in "The Good Place" came to the Medium Place.
  • Mindy has been seen gardening to pass time. In the 801 iterations between Eleanor, Jason, and Janet's first visit to Mindy in Chapter 12 and Eleanor, Chidi, and Janet's visit in Chapter 16, the landscaping around Mindy's house becomes much more elaborate. In Chapter 31: Jeremy Bearimy, it's revealed that 300 years have passed.
  • Until Chapter 39: Pandemonium, Mindy was the only human we saw in the afterlife other than the four main characters. (However, we have heard the tortured screams of those in The Bad Place).
  • Since the four main characters are the first humans to not go immediately to the Good or Bad place[1] Mindy must have been sent to either the Good or Bad Place when she died and then sent to the Medium Place.
  • In Chapter 36: Janet(s), it's revealed that nobody has made it to the Good Place in over 500 years. This means that, amazingly, Mindy is the single highest-scoring human in that period, since she's the only one not to qualify for the Bad Place.
  • Not much is known about her time on Earth, or if she had many friends. She states she was "pretty crappy to her family," but her sister must have cared for her enough, as she named the Mindy St. Claire Rescue Alliance after her.
  • She may have been a science fiction fan, as in season four when she see's Matt's accountant score-keeping box in her living room, she describes it as "Darth Vader's Turd."

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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