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Ndeye is a minor character and the father of Chidi Anagonye, and husband to Emeka Anagonye and worked as a philosophy professor in Nigeria/Senegal. He treats his job very seriously, spending most of his time at work, rather than with his family.

He appears in the episode The Answer, where he and his wife are heard fighting about how much time he spends at the university and how he only cares about philosophy/his job. Chidi overhears their fight and gives them an hour long presentation about how they should not get divorced. They decide to go to counseling.

There are later seen happily together when Chidi brings his date Allesandra home for dinner, and he states that his parents thought she was great.

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He is not mentioned in the final chapter, however his wife is. It may be possible at the time of Chidi going through The Last Door that he had not arrived in the good place yet.

He is a workaholic.

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