Neighborhoods are residences in The Afterlife in which humans reside posthumously, usually only created by and for The Good Place.

About Edit

The neighborhoods are designed by Architects and can only be entered and exited, once in the afterlife, via Train (although trains cannot run from a Bad Place to a Good Place Neighborhood). Two exceptions have been made in the history of time:

  1. The first is The Medium Place, where Mindy St. Claire resides, which was created for her when her extreme case didn't tip the scale one way or another
  2. The second is Michael's concept for deceiving humans to think they're in The Good Place.

Design and Creation Edit

Neighborhoods are created by Architects to suit the individual humans – either their pleasures or their torments. The Architects use Janets to create the neighborhoods, and generally do not remain within the neighborhood afterwards. Although the Bad Place has many neighborhoods, the Medium Place has only one, and it is unclear how many the Good Place has.

Janets Edit

Each neighborhood has a unique Janet tailored to that specific neighborhood (the one exception being The Medium Place, presumably created by a Good and Bad Janet). The Janet designs the neighborhood for the Architect. They then remain within the neighborhood to guide the residents and procure for them whatever they need–or, in the case of the Bad Place, to increase the torture (although it appears that Bad Place employees will also take part in routine torture), although whether they reside in the neighborhoods or merely move between them as needed is unclear.

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