"Patricia" redirects here. For the Season 1 character, see Chef Patricia; for the Season 4 character, see Hypatia
"No, Donna's very nice to me, she bought me most of these stuffed animals" -Patty to Elanor and Michael

Patricia "Patty" Katterttrune is a minor character in Season 3 of The Good Place. She is the daughter of Donna Shellstrop's boyfriend Dave Katterttrune.

She has a collection of stuffed animals and lives with Donna and Dave in Dave's mini-mason.She plays 'angry birds' on her iPad, and enjoys midday snacks Donna and Dave make for her.

She has an unnamed mother who Dave was in a previous relationship with before he met Donna.

She states that Donna is very nice to her and bought her the stuffed animals. Donna is secretary of the PTA at her school.

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