Steven "Pillboi" Peleaz is a recurring character in The Good Place, played by Eugene Cordero.

History. Edit

Not much is known about Pillboi. All that is known is that he was an amateur DJ like his best friend Jason Mendoza and was a part of his 60-person dance crew. His real name, Steven Peleaz, was only revealed by Michael late in Season 4.

While eating in a Mexican restaurant, Jason convinces Pillboi that they should rob it to achieve their dreams of getting the life they deserve. However, they are caught soon after it begins, and Jason suffocates inside the safe. Pillboi is arrested but is mostly likely out on probation.

Pillboi initially participates in an elaborate scheme with Donkey Doug to create an energy drink/body spray by robbing three factories, but Jason takes his place in the robbery attempt in an effort to save Pillboi's soul.

Pillboi now works in a nursing home, where he takes pride in providing the elderly residents with seasoned advice on which pills to combine (or avoid combining) in order to have the best high. As he has been warned by "secret astronaut spies" from NASA that he is part of a covert mission, he plans to keep his job at the nursing home and cease committing further crimes.

In season four Michael's charts show that after the Soul Squad intervention in his life his point total significantly increased. In the real The Good Place he is also shown at Jason's party before he goes through the door, where he toasts Jason and complements him.

Trivia Edit

  • Pillboi didn't seem that upset when he learned his best friend Jason had died, simply stating "At least he died ding what he loved, a bunch of whippets, but he'll never get the life he truly deserved".
  • He is shown to have a bad memory, as in season three he forgot Jason has moved to Australia.
  • In Chapter 32: The Ballad of Donkey Doug Pillboi's nametag at work states his name is Pillboi. Between this and Jason never calling him Steven, it's possible he is intentionally distancing himself from his given name for personal reasons.
  • Pillboi is shown to have a fairly low IQ, but with a good heart. 
  • He was a member of the 60 person dance crew, along with Jason, Donkey Doug, Lil' Peanut and Big Noodle, among others. 
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