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End of statement
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That one just came to me. It just popped into my noodle.
—Quinston to Michael.
Quinston is one of the Eternal Beings that was hired by Michael for his "Good Place" experiment.

History Edit

Quinston Timeclock is one of the 318 Bad Place torturers hired by Michael for his experiment. He first appears as Tomas when he is introduced as Tahani's soulmate in the version two of Michael's experiment.

Season 2 Edit

When Michael introduces Quinston to Tahani as her soulmate, she is annoyed with him because he is much shorter than she is and doesn't have her sense of fashion. After hundreds of failed reboots Vicky blackmails Michael into giving her control of the neighborhood, after which Quinston along with Gunnar are seen as part of Vicky's inner circle.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: As an eternal being, Quinston is immortal.
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