Season 2 of the comedy television series The Good Place aired on NBC television network.

Synopsis Edit

Everything Is Still Fine. Just Fine. After Michael’s disastrous attempt to torture Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason for eternity goes belly-up, Eleanor and the gang are rebooted and Michael has revised his plan to keep his torture subjects separate. Only now, Michael’s soul is on the line, as his boss, Shawn, won’t allow another attempt!


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  1. Chapter 14: Everything Is Great! (Part 1)
  2. Chapter 15: Everything Is Great! (Part 2)
  3. Chapter 16: Dance Dance Resolution
  4. Chapter 17: Team Cockroach
  5. Chapter 18: Existential Crisis
  6. Chapter 19: The Trolley Problem
  7. Chapter 20: Janet and Michael
  8. Chapter 21: Derek
  9. Chapter 22: Leap to Faith
  10. Chapter 23: Best Self
  11. Chapter 24: Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent
  12. Chapter 25: The Burrito
  13. Chapter 26: Somewhere Else
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