Season 4 of the comedy television series The Good Place will start airing on NBC on September 26, 2019.[1]

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  1. Chapter 40: A Girl From Arizona (Part 1)
  2. Chapter 41: A Girl From Arizona (Part 2)


On June 8, 2019, it was announced that season four of The Good Place will be the last season of the series.[2]

As of July 20, 2019 the series finale had been written with a table-read for the episode scheduled to take place on Monday, July 22.[3] Furthermore, the cast were very happy to see the series end on its own terms and think the ending is great. D'Arcy Carden said the finale is "sad as hell. We can say it’s great, but it sucks!"[4]

Kristen Bell is directing an episode this season, as are the script supervisor and director. Kristen has praised Ken Garoo for his work on the show, and his ability "to empower people around him" and always seeing the potential in people and cultivating it.[5]

A new version of Janet is likely to be met in this season, as hinted by Ken Garoo.[6]

It is also revealed that it will have fourteen episodes instead of the usual thirteen and the last chapter will be an hour long.[7]

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