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There's a decent chance this entire thing is just a complex electrochemical reaction caused by my synapses randomly firing in the millisecond after my death... but this fro-yo is amazing so I'm just gonna roll with it
—Simone on The Afterlife[src]

Simone Garnett is a recurring character on The Good Place, portrayed by Kirby Howell-Baptiste.


Simone is cheerful and upbeat. She enjoys her work at the university, and is good at explaining it. She also gave Chidi a free MRI scan, and thought that the joint project was a great idea. She also is not bitter, as when Chidi breaks up with her she understands, stating that he is so weird that it's probably for the best.

Once she dies, Simone cannot accept the reality and believes she's currently dying and the Medium Place version of the Good Place is just a figment of her dying brain.


Not much is known about Simone's life before Chidi met her at St. John's University. When he did, he asked Simone to give him a brain scan and see why he was so indecisive. She did, and they bonded. Simone became friends with Eleanor, who helped Chidi asked Simone out. They ran the study together until the four humans learned about the Afterlife, and Chidi broke up with Simone because he couldn't risk dooming her to The Bad Place.

Simone later died in a manner that Shawn described as "hilarious."


Simone was chosen by Shawn as one of the four subjects of Michael's experiment. Eleanor, posing as the Architect, welcomed her to the Neighborhood. It is unknown if Simone had been tortured prior to arriving in the Neighborhood. Her cause of death is also unknown.