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St. John's University is a higher education institution in Sydney, Australia, Earth in NBC's The Good Place. It is seen in flashbacks at first, and then becomes a meeting location for the main characters in Season 3.

Chidi was a professor of ethics and moral philosophy here during his life. It is not known how long he had been working here for. Henry was another professor. This is also where he met Simone Garnett, a professor of neuroscience.

Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason gather here in Season 3 at the advice of Michael to learn how to be better people from Chidi after their near-death experiences. Chidi and Simone collaborate on a near-death experience thesis. Michael also goes undercover as a librarian at the university.

Upon learning about The Afterlife, Chidi gives a poor lecture right before exam season in which he cooks chili with Peeps and M&Ms, teaches his students about all known ethics and advocates nihilism, much to the concern of his students. He then asks for a year long sabbatical and is fired.

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  • St. John's University is fictional.
  • According to its plaque, St. John's University was founded in 1826. This is before the first university in Australia was even founded, which was the University of Sydney in 1850.