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Welcome to eternal mediocrity. Welcome to The Medium Place.

The Medium Place is a realm of afterlife existence created specially for Mindy St. Claire.

History[edit | edit source]

The Medium Place has at most only been around since the 1980s when Mindy St. Claire died, and both The Good Place and The Bad Place argued for an unknown period of time over who should get her. Eventually, they came to a compromise and created a new realm of mediocre existence for Mindy to live in by herself for the rest of eternity. Since it has only one resident, there isn't even a neighborhood as such, just one house and a railway station, the nameboard of which reads "Neighborhood: [N/A]". The medium place can only consist of one person, because if it has multiple people, it “isn’t medium.”

Although the events of Chapters 16 move the setting on by a few hundred years, Mindy St. Claire is still the only resident. This is because of the Jeremy Bearimy timeline that led to it being the same time as before.

As of Chapter 52: Whenever You're Ready, Mindy and Derek were still the only residents, with Derek having been rebooted by Mindy over 150 million times by then. Eleanor came to visit them in an effort to get Mindy to take the test and be able to get into the Good Place. It takes some convincing, but Mindy accepts, leaving Derek as the only individual left in the Medium Place. The status of both the Medium Place and Derek are unknown after these events, though it could have been abolished after Mindy began the test, as there would be no more purpose for it.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Mindy St. Claire is the only person that resides in The Medium Place.

Through their various iterations, the main characters have visited 30 times in various combinations, and frequently considered staying so as to escape from Michael. However, they have always chosen to return to Neighborhood 12358W.

In Chapter 22, Derek is sent to the Medium Place as both a diversion in the escape plan and a present to Mindy.

Nobody else has ever gotten into the Medium Place, as it was created for Mindy. Eleanor and the others were offered spots, but each of them would live by themselves. They declined, stating that they had to stay together.

Life in the Medium Place[edit | edit source]

The Medium Place was created to be neither blissful nor painful for Mindy, being a place of 'eternal mediocrity". It has the appearance of a single beige house with one small garden in the middle of a barren plain resembling the Great Plains in America or the Australian outback.

When Mindy was first admitted to the Medium Place, she gave the Good Place a list of the things she wanted, and the Bad Place made a few modifications to the list. For example, they gave Mindy her favorite beer, but it is always warm. Her jukebox has every song ever but only performed by the Eagles (live versions only), as well as spoken word poetry by William Shatner, which Trevor describes as deeply terrible. Of course, there is more, like only unsalted pretzels. Mindy also has no cocaine, which is something she loves.

There is no sign that the Medium Place has its own Janet, though it is known that there are different Janets for the Good and Bad Places, and a Neutral Janet who resides in the Neutral Zone. Since Mindy is the only occupant of the Medium Place, it is possible that a Medium Janet was not created for the sole use of one person.

At the end of Season 2, it is revealed that if the Medium Place housed multiple humans, they would all be in different realms and have no interaction with each other in order to create a perfectly mediocre afterlife personalized for the individual. Eleanor and the others turn were given the chance to have their own Medium Places, but they declined, insisting that they stick together..

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