Uzo is a character seen in flashbacks in The Good Place. He is portrayed by Keston John.

Character Edit

Uzo was friends with Chidi when they were kids in school. Uzo tried to get Chidi to be his issue with making decisions, to no avail. Due to their attending a high class educational institution, Uzo commented that Chidi had 'filibustered' recess, when they were only about 10 years old. As an adult, Uzo is a chill and kind friend to Chidi, and very understanding of Chidi's continued predicament. Uzo doesn’t want Chidi to be the best man at his wedding but Chidi convinces him to let him. Uzo lies about the date of the wedding to see if he could. Chidi fails the test and is unable to decide on anything which causes his death by an air conditioner falling on him.

In the altered timeline he watched as a biker pushed Chidi out of the way and when Chidi said that it was a sign that he should stop using air-conditioners Uzo told him that he should realize it was because of his inability to make choices.

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