Val is a more experienced colleague of Michael's who works at Bad Place Headquarters. Her exact role is not known, though she appears to be an assistant to Shawn.


She advises Michael not to be too ambitious with his first neighborhood, but appears to be more sympathetic to his ideas than Shawn is. She seems to work with Shawn and is very annoyed when he cocoons most of the staff trying to find Eleanor Shellstrop, Jason Mendoza, Chidi Anagonye, and Tahani Al-Jamil. Some time later they create a portal to Earth and she, Shawn, Vicky and Glenn arrive there.


Just about the only thing that is known about Val is her distaste for flavouring anti-matter with French vanilla. She believes anti-matter tastes fine just as it is.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: As an eternal being, Val is immortal.
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