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You gotta admit, things are going pretty well since I took over.
—Vicky to Michael

Vicky is an Immortal Being who resides in the The Bad Place. She is frequently dissatisfied by her part in torturing Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason, comparing them to her first role in the first attempt, where she was the "Real Eleanor".


Vicky is ambitious and becomes the de facto leader of the mutinous Immortal beings working under Michael's command in Neighborhood 12358W. Through blackmail she assumes command, but proves easy to fool after Michael switches allegiance to the humans.


Vicky is an Immortal Being and was a torturer for the Bad Place until she was recruited by Michael as an actor in his "Good Place" neighborhood where her first job was pretending to be the "Real" Eleanor Shellstrop.

Season 1[]

As part of the act, Trevor brings "Real Eleanor" from the Bad Place to Neighborhood 12358W after Eleanor publicly confesses to being in the Good Place by mistake.

"Real Eleanor" pretended to be a truly virtuous person, who had overcome a traumatic early life, including being abandoned by her birth parents and the burning down of her orphanage, to become a great force for good in the world yet was accidentally sent to the Bad Place instead of Eleanor.

She was subjected to a torture regime designed for Eleanor.

Eleanor is told that "Real Eleanor" had died trying, unsuccessfully, to save her life and this simultaneous expiration of two people in the same instant with the same name caused the mistake.

Vicky and Chidi

Vicky and Chidi having their first breakfast together

"Real Eleanor" is also purported to be Chidi's true soulmate. This is used to torture him after she pretended to have an immediate connection and made a declaration of love that Chidi can't reciprocate because of the earlier confessions by Eleanor and Tahani, and his indecisive nature.

Season 2[]

After Michael reboots his neighborhood Vicky is very displeased with her new smaller role as Denise the Pizza Lady and wants a larger part in Michael's plan.

Later, after the neighborhood is rebooted over 802 times, Vicky comes to Michael with a list of demands from her and the other 317 demons who are dissatisfied with the constant reboots.

Vicky blackmails Michael into giving her control of the neighborhood as well as some of their other demands where she subsequently takes a larger role in torturing Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani.

However, compared to what is said to happen in a normal Bad Place neighborhood, such as Trevor's, her idea of torture sound more like childish pranks.

After Michael's continual false reports to Shawn of the neighborhood's success result in Michael's promotion and an order to shut down the neighborhood, Vicky is aggrieved that what she considers to be her successful leadership has gone unrecognized. Michael is however able to convince her it is also in her interest to keep up the pretense, though she remains suspicious.

Michael is able to use her mistrust of him to his advantage, in Chapter 22 he is able to frame her in front of Shawn for abetting the humans' apparent escape from Neighborhood 12358W. For this Shawn encases her in a goo cocoon, not to come out until later.

Season 3[]

Some time later Shawn frees Vicky from her cocoon after building a portal to Earth and sends her through it first; he, Val and Glenn follow her through the portal. Vicky aids Shawn in attacking the humans in Canada, but they escape. Vicky returns to the Afterlife with Shawn, where she dons a Michael Suit in preparation for torturing the four humans.

Season 4[]

After Janet is captured and taken to the Bad Place, Vicky attempted to torture Janet by wearing the Michael Suit and imitating him. It doesn't work. Later, when Michael and Jason were trying to save Janet, Michael impersonated Vicky (in a Michael Suit) at Demon Con. This worked until Vicky showed up on stage and proved that the other Michael (the real one) wasn't actually Vicky, by taking her Michael suit off. Shortly after, when Michael threatened the demons with the 'demon exploder', Vicky tried to psyche him out by re-donning his skin suit, assuming that he wouldn't blow her up if she looked like him. However, Michael did explode her, and made his escape.

Near the finale, whilst Michael, Janet and Tahani were trying to convince a selected group of demons to help them with the new afterlife system, Vicky entered wanting to assist with the project. Later, the group were trying to demonstrate how the tests were going to work (using Tahani as a test subject) to the demons. However it was unsuccessful, until Vicky stepped in and created an effective test for Tahani (targeting her psychological weaknesses, instead of chainsaw bears). Seeing Vicky so easily create an effective test makes Michael jealous, because he struggled for hundreds of years to do just that; this causes him to lash out at Vicky and fires her. Michael very quickly realises his mistake and tries to convince Vicky to take over his position. She accepts, but only if they make it look like she overthrew Michael, so the others will not see her as a puppet.

Much later, once the tests are fully up and running, we see Vicky overseeing the architects and instructing them on their duties. She smiles at Michael and group as they leave for the Good Place.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Immortality: As an eternal being, Vicky is immortal


  • Michael introduces her at the orientation meeting as "Vicky Sengupta".("Chapter 17: Team Cockroach")
  • Michael describes her as a "millennial", meaning someone who has only been torturing humans for 1000 years. ("Chapter 18: Existential Crisis")
  • While at Bad Place HQ, she attends "cold yoga" in which she "pulls so many muscles" ("Chapter 50: Mondays, Am I Right?")
  • Vicky's form under her skin suit is an acid snake. ("Chapter 50: Mondays, Am I Right?")