Sit down, we'd love to have you're take. We have so much to tell you about your sister
—Waquas to Tahani
Your public failure is our public failure
—Waquas to tahani after her public auction only made 3.2 million pounds
Waqas Al-Jamil was a recurring character seen mainly in flashback in the series The Good Place.

History Edit

He is the father of Tahani and Kamilah.

As a father he and his wife pitted Tahani and Kamilah against each other in competition, such as having them paint their favorite moment in French military history in one hour and celebrating one while burning the other.

He was disapproving of almost everything Tahani did, and brought kamilah in to take over when things went wrong, like when he believed Tahani's auction gaining 3.2 million was a public failure.

They showed favor to Kamilah in most of these events and gave Tahani an inferiority complex. After both Waqas and Manisha died they gave their best possessions to Kamilah, and tried to give a significant amount to Tahani, but they misspelled her name as 'Tahini', as in the sauce.

Tahani confronts Waquas and Mansia in Judge Gen's afterlife test, where they both insult her until she leaves them and goes back to the Judge's Chambers.

In Season Three Tahani states the they would not have been proud of Kamilah's whole wing of a museum dedicated to her artwork, stating their standards were incredible high and that they are probably rolling over in their cryogenic chambers.

In the final episode of Season Four Waquas and Mansia make it to the good place, where they attempt to receive forgiveness from Tahani and Kamilah, spending time with them and sending them teddy bears and flower every day.

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